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From Robert:
I think that your scripture planner is amazing. It keeps me very organized and on task for all of my school work. I like the planner that has six subjects so nice because I just write my assignments down on it easily. I like how at the top of a page it has a Bible verse at the top of the page. I like the calendar because I can write down assignments that are due in the future and keep track of them. I also like the games in the planner. I love the quotes from various people at the bottom of the page.
I really like the map of the United States. I like this because it shows what time zone we live in. I also like how it tells the capital of the states. I also like the world map because it shows what countries are in a continent. I like the presidents at the back of the book so I can look at presidents in the past and see how long they were president. I really thank you for making such a good planner for myself and for the rest of all who may have it.

From Alex Nicole, an 8th grader:
For a while now, my school has been using your planners. They are great planners! I love how you put scriptures from the Bible in the planners. They are a good way of organizing things. I like all the mathematical helpers in the back. You just keep adding more and more to your planners each year and every year I like them more.

From Renae:
Thank you so much for creating and distributing the Scripture Planner. Whenever I open it to write in it, I am so encouraged every time I see a verse. I really appreciate what you have done for me in that you have focused my mind on the excellence of Christ through out the day. God has used you in my life.